For the past several years, Allen Morgan has developed expertise as a sound designer, developing content for major pro audio software developers including Yamaha, Steinberg, PreSonus, Toontrack, and boutique iOS developers.

In 2017, Morgan launched his own audio content label under the name SonalSystem.  Through SonalSystem, Morgan and his team develop, produce, and distribute expertly crafted and professionally edited sound recordings for use in artist productions and cinematic mediums.  SonalSystem products are available for purchase throughout the world.

Latest Products

Music City Drums vol.1 - Biscuits & Gravy

Music City Drums vol.1 – Biscuits & Gravy

Biscuits and Gravy gives you raw and essential rhythms that can be applied in virtually any genre.  The loops feature five drum setups consisting of both vintage and modern equipment, from Yahama to Rogers to obscure one-of-a-kind drums that you’ll only find in a true drum connoisseur’s collection. One setup features a lofi channel that is a mono sum of the kit sent out to a euro rack modular effect system to add lofi characteristics to the loops. 


The setup used to record Biscuits and Gravy were given their own unique identity by utilizing varied configurations of all of the outboard gear picked for this particular batch of loops, and by manipulating the drums themselves.  Drums were paired with various methods of dampening, tunings, different heads, and even removing resonant heads in some cases to achieve the right sound for each kit. 
Recording Equipment featured:
API 3124
Chandler LTD1
DBX 160
Ampex 602
TubeTech CM1A
Warm Audio 1176
Neve 1272 
Neve 1073
Manley preamp 
UA 6176 
UA 4710d
Shadow Hills mastering compressor

Music City Drums vol.2 - Boom Bap "Hip Hop Drums"

Music City Drums vol.2 – “Boom Bap” Hip Hop Drums

Boom bap is a style of production in hip-hop music.

Coined by rapper KRS-ONE, the term “boom bap” is an onomatopoeia for the drum sounds prominent, the kick, “boom,” and the snare, “bap”. It was historically the East Coast style of hip-hop and the original style, as opposed to the modern southern trap style. It is usually recognized by an acoustic drum loop/break sampled from a vinyl record that is then chopped up using a sampler, such as the Akai MPC or the E-mu SP1200.

– source: wikipedia

Music City Drums vol.2 – “Boom Bap” Hip Hop Drums were recorded using an extensivemcollection of vintage drums, classic mic pres, and choice microphones. By taking this approach in recording the drums the grittiness and timeless nature of the old sound of Hip Hop drums was captured once again.        

Quick Look:

•3 kits recorded in a wide range of BPMs

•3 kit instruments created from multi velocity single hits using Studio One’s Impact as the drum sampler. 

•100+ midi drum loops 

•500+ stereo drum loops (wet/dry)

•3,000+ multi track loops

•300+ single hits

Offered in 3 versions:

1Silver – 500+ Stereo Loops 

2Gold – 3000+ Multitrack Loops (presented in sessions for added convenience)

3Platinum – 500+ Stereo Loops, 3000+ Multitrack Loops, 3 Impact Kits. 100+ Midi Loops

Echo Park - Indie Pop Guitars

Echo Park – Indie Pop Guitars was meticulously sound designed with contemporary genres in mind and features a blend of inspiration from the vibrant Echo Park neighborhood in Los Angeles, CA.

Crafted with a focus on composition, this library is a perfect companion for producers, film/tv composers and songwriters across genres who are looking for inspiration along with studio quality sounds to complete their vision.

This library features a collection of truly unique and inspiring electric guitar loops arranged in song formats where users can pick and choose what suits them best. Echo Park includes 3 versions of each part…FX, Dry, and DI. Alog with the loops the users will also have access to dozens of ampire xt presets specifically designed to work with the included DI loops.

Quick Look:

•20+ Guitars and amp combos used

•wide span of tempos and keys 

•Construction Kit format presented with FX, Dry, and DI in individual sessions with ampire xt presets for DI tracks

•Sections broken down into song format Intro – Verse – Chorus – Bridge – Outro – Beds with 4+ loops per section

•1,200+ loops (Platinum version) offering a wide range of styles and tones suitable for virtually any genre

•loops uniquely offered with “tails” as a separate file to correct for sudden effect drop outs typical of loop formats

•bonus content includes a wide variety of guitar soundscapes aka “Beds” and sessions fully setup with Echo Park loops to get you jump started.

Offered in 3 versions:

1Silver – 600+ Mono/Stereo FX Loops

2Gold – 600+ Mono/Stereo Effected Loops, 300+ Dry Loops

3Platinum – 600+ Mono/Stereo Effected Loops, 300+ Dry Loops, 300+ DI Loops, 100 Amp Presets

*all 3 versions include the FX loops which come with a separate file consisting of its effect tail.  Having the tail as a separate file allows for a seamless loop, allowing for the effect in one loop to continue into the next.